A Myriad-Multiply up-sell offer for healthy lives!


Myriad clients with a green or amber Multiply Premier Healthy Heart Score can now purchase up to R3 million life cover without underwriting!

Clients will qualify for this offer:

  • If they have a current Multiply Premier Healthy Heart Score of green or amber, and
  • If they are currently 54 years or younger (below the age of 55 at their next birthday), and
  • If they currently have a fully underwritten Myriad policy (excluding funeral cover).

Please note that clients with existing Myriad cover where a benefit has been loaded do not qualify for the upsell offer.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!
Qualifying clients will have to sign the health and lifestyle declaration to qualify for the upsell offer. This replaces the standard medical questions on the alteration quote.

By signing the health and lifestyle declaration, clients confirm that they qualify for the upsell offer on the stated criteria.  The signed declaration and -alteration quote will be the only documents required for submission to issue the additional cover. For more information click here.

Medical underwriting
No additional medical information will be required, provided that the insured life meets the criteria as listed in the health and lifestyle declaration and the information obtained through an LOA check, Momentum Interactive and the Multiply Healthy Heart Score does not contradict the listed criteria.

Qualifying period
All alterations that comply with the stated criteria and are submitted with a signed health and lifestyle declaration, will qualify for this upsell offer from 1 March 2019. The upsell offer ends on 28 June 2019.

Interested in making use of this special offer?
Simply contact us for an appointment to find out if you qualify and, if you do, to increase your cover!

Kind regards,

The ANF Brokers Team