The average income replacement at retirement in SA is just 28%

Click here to be redirected to the original article on the MonkeyMarketing website The numbers show that the country is not yet winning the game in terms of retirement savings, says Michael Prinsloo, Managing Executive: Research & Product Development at Alexander Forbes. “This isn’t a country where retirement is a number-one financial priority. People are … Read more

We’ve partnered with Crossfit Bazinga!

Yip, you read that right, folks! We’ve partnered with Crossfit Bazinga to bring you exclusive benefits ranging from periodic lucky draws to discounted gym memberships – all in conjunction with the rewards you received from Momentum Multiply & Discovery Vitality. A word from De Wet Steyn, owner of Crossfit Bazinga CrossFit Bazinga offers full body … Read more

A Myriad-Multiply up-sell offer for healthy lives!

Momentum Myriad clients with a green or amber Multiply Premier Healthy Heart Score can now purchase up to R3 million life cover without underwriting! Clients will qualify for this offer: If they have a current Multiply Premier Healthy Heart Score of green or amber, and If they are currently 54 years or younger (below the … Read more

Understanding Policy Replacements

Understanding Policy Replacements

Policy replacements are a big problem – one that is difficult to control, especially in terms of unnecessary replacements. In this article we’d like to give you more information about policy replacements: when they are necessary, when they are not and how to be more aware of the advice you receive.

Non-Disclosure: The importance of answering medical questions truthfully

In our previous article about Momentum making provision for victims of violent crimes (click here to read the article), we mentioned the term “non-disclosure”. In this article we’d like to do three things: Define non-disclosure Address the consequences of non-disclosure What you can do if you are concerned about your policy   What is non-disclosure? … Read more