We’ve partnered with Crossfit Bazinga!

Yip, you read that right, folks! We’ve partnered with Crossfit Bazinga to bring you exclusive benefits ranging from periodic lucky draws to discounted gym memberships – all in conjunction with the rewards you received from Momentum Multiply & Discovery Vitality.

A word from De Wet Steyn, owner of Crossfit Bazinga

CrossFit Bazinga offers full body fitness. Our programming is ideal for people who are looking to lose weight, get in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. Every day is something new so you don’t get bored of the same routine; we love keeping our workouts fun and challenging at the same time.

At CrossFit Bazinga you train with other people – in every class there are beginners, rookies and advanced members… Everyone does the same workout, but each person works to their own capacity. You know where your fitness level is so you (with the help of the coaches) scale the workout to suit your exact needs. CrossFit Bazinga is for everyone: male, female, young and old. The coaches at CrossFit Bazinga assist you through the entire class; from the workout explanation, warm-up, the workout itself and then the cool-down afterwards.

CrossFit is universally scalable for everyone. Anyone can join and everyone can benefit from it.

Okay, that’s great, but what benefits will I get?

Well, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve! But here are the two main benefits of doing business with ANF Brokers as an existing or new Crossfit Bazinga member:

  • Members who complete business with ANF Brokers will qualify for 20% discount on the following 6-months of their Crossfit Bazinga gym membership
  • Clients who offer us the opportunity to provide them with a second opinion on their existing portfolio, but do not complete business with ANF Brokers, will be entered into a lucky draw to win a fitness device (exact device to be confirmed, although we can guarantee it’ll be a Garmin device!)

You mentioned Momentum Multiply & Discovery Vitality, what’s that about?

Good that you asked! These two rewards programs offer their members a vast array of benefits ranging from discounted life insurance premiums all the way to discounts and cash backs from hundreds of rewards partners (think getting cash back for shopping at Pick n Pay, cheaper flights and even paying up to 60% less on your insurance premium!)

Need more info? Get in touch!

Allie @ ANF Brokers
Office: 081 754 5752
Email: kantoor@anfmakelaars.co.za
De Wet @ Crossfit Bazinga
Cell: 079 527 7330
Email: crossfitbazinga@gmail.com

Multiply Special Offer: Match My Vitality Status

Multiply Update

From 1 March until 30 June 2019, clients who have a Discovery Vitality membership will have the opportunity to have their status matched on Multiply Premier. This will help you to enjoy both product and partner rewards through Multiply on a similar scale to what you are currently enjoying. (Ts & Cs apply)

Campaign rules
To qualify, you need to have a new Multiply Premier membership and Momentum products in at least two cover categories:

  • Risk cover;
  • Car and home;
  • Retirement;
  • Savings;
  • Medical; or
  • Wills.

One of these products must be new and incepted within 30 days of taking out Multiply Premier, and before the end date of the campaign.

Multiply will then match your Vitality status as follows:

Vitality status

Multiply status











Your matched status will apply until 31 December 2019, after which your status will reflect your earned status for 2020. We therefore encourage you to maximise your status through points-earning activities.

For Multiply to match your Vitality status:

  • Contact us to arrange an appointment
  • Apply for cover with Momentum
  • We will forward your application and proof of Vitality status to Multiply

Please refer to the terms and conditions for more information on the status match campaign, available here.

We look forward to you extracting value from your Multiply Premier membership!


The ANF Brokers Team

Multiply Money: How does it work?

In October 2018 Multiply launched its new version of Multiply Money – but how does it work? Let’s jump right in with the details. Here’s what we’ll discuss:

  1. What is Multiply Money?
  2. How do I register for Multiply Money?
  3. How do I earn cash backs with Multiply Money?
  4. How do I spend my Multiply Money?
  5. Is there anything else I need to know?


1. What is Multiply Money?

Multiply Money is an exciting offering for clients who have Multiply memberships. With Multiply Money you qualify to earn significant cash backs from Multiply rewards partners and have the freedom to spend your cash, your way! No more restrictive rules about earning and spending cash backs at the same store, now you can earn your cash backs and spend them anywhere you choose using your Multiply Visa Card.


2. How do I register for Multiply Money?

• Register & get your VISA card

Well, first you need to make sure you’re a Multiply member! In order to apply for Multiply you need to either have your life insurance with Momentum or have your medical aid with Momentum – ideally you should have both as this offers you maximum benefits.

Once you’ve established your Multiply membership you simply follow one of the following processes:

  1. Apply on Multiply website for the VISA Card – multiply.co.za.  (This is the recommended option)
    • Log onto the website
    • Select the MONEY Tab
    • Multiply VISA Card
    • Complete the application form
  2. Phone the Multiply Money Call Centre – 086 011 183
  3. Send an email to multiplymoney@multiply.co.za (remember to quote your Multiply membership number in the subject line!)

Remember: Multiply will only issue one VISA card for family Multiply memberships.  However, if the you have a Medical Aid with Momentum with a Health Saver, they will issue a second VISA card for your spouse


Your Visa card will be delivered to you – remember to have your FICA documents ready for the courier. Once you receive your card you must activate it by following these steps:


• Activate your new/existing VISA card

New VISA cards:

  • Upon receipt of your VISA card give the Multiply Call Centre a call and request that your card be activated
  • Also request that your Multiply Money Payment Wallet and Health Saver (if applicable) are linked to your new VISA card


Existing VISA cards (often issued to clients with Medical Aid + Health Saver):

  • Call the Multiply Call Centre and request that your Multiply Money Payment Wallet & Health Saver are linked to your VISA card


3. How do I earn cash backs with Multiply Money?

Here’s the best part: link your Multiply membership with your DisChem benefits card and Pick n Pay Smart Shopper and earn cash backs on – well – everything that you buy! All you need to do is remember to swipe the right cards:

  • DisChem gives you a brand new co-branded card, swipe it whenever you shop at DisChem
  • Pick n Pay will require you to swipe your Smart Shopper card and your Multiply card

You can also earn cash backs when you buy certain items on the Multiply Online Shop. Click here to see more detail on the Multiply website


4. How do I spend my Multiply Money?

All your cash backs are loaded to your Savings Wallet, so the first thing to do is to use the Multiply Money app on your phone to transfer the money to your Payments Wallet. Once you’ve done this you can spend your cash backs the following ways:

  1. Make mobile payments at selected retailers using the Multiply Money app.
  2. Swipe your Multiply Visa® Card everywhere in South Africa to pay for your purchases – in-store or online.
  3. Pay on the Multiply online shop using your Multiply Money payment wallet as a payment option.
  4. Send money to friends and family who also have Multiply Money using the Multiply Money app.


5. Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes! Here are some interesting facts about your Multiply Money and VISA card:

  1. There are no fees (click here for terms and conditions)
  2. You earn interest on all cash in your Savings Wallet, from the very first cent!


Still have questions? Why don’t you get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to go through the process with you or even help you to restructure your portfolio so that you can join Multiply! You can also check out the Multiply Money FAQ over here